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The Danish Skudsmaalsbog in Australia

April 2. 2014 (So glad it wasn't 1. April ;-)) the Gold Coast Bulletin ran a story See it here. The police in Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast had arrested a man and while searching his home they found a Danish "Skudsmaalsbog" from 1880. They contacted the Danish consulate, hoping to find the rightful owner. The book belonged to Laurine Mathilde Olsen and it's an old type of conduct book.

Marianne Nicolaysen from Danish Family Search visited Burleigh Heads police station to get more information and take some pictures of the book's pages, so we could try to find out who Laurine Mathilde Olsen was. The plan is to trace through to living family members to Laurine, so the book can be returned home to the rightful owner.

NEWS NEWS NEWS : We have found Laurines daughter, Ada. She is 92 years old. She lives on the Gold Coast in Australia.

I visited Ada who lives with her adopted sister Maureen. Adas mum adopted Maureen when she was 3 years old.
It was a pleasure to visit the lovely Ada, who blew me away with her vibrant spirit. I have never meet such a young 92 year old, who still drives and is a good driver too.
Ada could fill in some of the missing parts, and fortunately I could provide her with information about her Danish family.

View the individual pages of the book here:

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Conduct book

What have we learned so far?

January 4, 1884 Laurine Mathilde Olsen was born January 4, 1884 i Melby sogn, Strø, Frederiksborg, Denmark.

According to the book Laurine was from Melby, we searched through and found her birth/baptism record.

Her parents were Niels Rasmus Olsen and Ane Olsen.
February 1, 1890 In 1890 the Olsen Family is still in Melby parish Strø, Frederiksborg, Denmark

The family members are Laurine, her father Niels Rasmus Olsen (born approx. 1857), the mother Ane Olsen (Born Approx. 1864), and her older brother Lars Olsen born in 1881 (View his birth/baptism record here)

They live in Asserbo, where Niels Rasmus Olsen is a forester. View the transcribed chruch book here. Ane Olsen was from a wealthy home, and wasn't used to housework.
Sep 17, 1895 Laurines sister Frida Petra Jenny Olsen is born.

Apr 17 1898 Laurines confirmation April 17, 1898.

Feb 1, 1901 In 1901 the Olsen Family is still in Melby parish Strø, Frederiksborg, Denmark

Laurine has had a younger sister Frida Petra Jenny Olsen born Jun 17, 1895. One child is currently in Frederiksværk, we assume they are referring to Lars.
The Conduct book
Departure from Melby to Copenhagen Mar 7 1902 (Page 8)
Arrival Frederiksberg Mar 11, 1902 (Page 8)
Worked for Sapni? Christian Widow Mar 1,-Sep, 1902 (Page 9)
Departure from Frederiksberg Sep 4, 1902 (Page 9)
Arrival Melby Parish Sep 28, 1902 (Page 9)
Departure from Melby Parish Feb 2, 1903 (Page 10)
Arrival Vinderød Parish Feb 3, 1903 (Page 10)
Worked at Skovridergaarden, Frederiksværk from Feb 1, 1903 to Jul 1, 1904. In the book it said she was faithful and had good moral (Page 11)
Departure Frederikssund Jun 30, 1904 (Page 11)
Arrival Frederikssund July 8, 1904 (Page 11)
Worked for the Andersen family, Østergade 24, Frederikssund Jul 1, 1904 to Jul 1, 1905. In the book she it is written she was nice and faithful (Page 12)
Departure Melby Parish Jul 1, 1905 (Page 12)
Arrival Melby Parish Jul 4, 1905 (Page 13)
Feb 1, 1906 In the census from 1906 Laurine is found living with her older brother Lars and younger brother Hans Ole Olsen born Feb 15, 1890.

???? New big house
Niels had done really well and was quite wealthy, so he build a house with 16 rooms for Ane.
1908 Laurine leaves Denmark

Laurine is a trained maternity nurse leaves for New Zealand with a stop over in Australia. She is 24 years old
1 feb 1911 In the Census from 1911 Niels, Ane and Laurines little sister Frida.

Lars is living with his wife and a foster child from Copenhagen in the property next door
May 24, 1913 Laurine is on the passengerlist for Orama from Sydney.

She is a nurse and listed as an Australian citizen.
Going back back to Denmark to visit family.
Oct, 1913 Laurine is listed on yet another passengerlist, this time on the ship ORSOVA towards Sydney.

1918 Laurine got married

Laurine was married to George Gillington an Irish man. He was 8 years her senior and a widow with a son from his 1. marriage
George dies when Ada is approx. 10 years old
Nov 10, 1919 Laurines brother Ole Hans Olsen dies only 29 years old.

He was a cargo worker (Gunpowder) og died at St Josefs hospital in Copenhagen. He died when he was hit by the 1918 flu pandemic (January 1918 – December 1920). It is estimated it killed between 50 and 100 million people.
Aug 5, 1921 Laurines mother Ane Olsen died, she was 58 years old.

Ane was heartbroken after losing her son, many felt she died of sorrow.
Nov 6, 1921 Ada Nelsie is born

Ada Nelsie was born in New Plymouth, New Zealand approx. 1 year and 9 month after her sister Olive Freda
Olive Freda was operated for appendicitis when she is 14 years, but something goes wrong and some nerves are cut. Olive ends in a wheelchair. Laurine is called into the doctor and told Olive is not expected to live past her 21 years birthday. Stoic Laurine takes her daughter out to lunch at a fine restaurant, she never reveals to her daughter, what the doctor said. Olive died when she was in her 30s.
Feb 1, 1930 Census from 1930

Laurines father is living alone, after his wife has passed away in 1921
Feb 1, 1930 Census from 1930

Laurines brother Lars is living with his adopted son Knud Thorkild Olsen
1937 Back to Denmark.
Laurine was planning a trip to Denmark with Ada and Olive but feel uncertain about the upcoming war, so she end up staying in New Zealand
31 Jan, 1946 Laurines father Niels Rasmus Olsen dies at the mature age of 90.

Niels var in good health, when at the age of 90 falls into a well. As a result he got pneumonia and died.
Nov 23, 1947 Laurines brother Lars Olsen dies.

He owns Adserbo Hotel, and has just married his 3rd wife.
During the second world war Lars is imprisoned, because he refuses to cooperate with the Germans.
1953-1983 Laurine and her 2 daughters are on the electoral Roll in New Zealand. Her surname is now Gillington

Ada was engaged to be married around 1949, but the 8 year older husband to be, who had already been widoved, dies of cancer before the wedding
1982 Ada and Maureen moves to Australia after Laurines death (approx. 1980).
Ada is a trained speech Therapist

We would still like to know?

Laurines father Niels (photo) lost his dad.

He left for work one day and never came back. Niels' mother was now alone with 4 sons. What happened to Niels' father?
(View the record of his baptism from the churchbook here)
Hans Ole Olsen had a son

Hans Ole was married to Agnes Olsen in 1918 and they had a son Jørgen (photo), but where was he born? and did Hans Ole see him before his death the year after? Jørgen later had 2 children himself. Are they still alive?
They could be the only living relatives and thereby the only family left in Denmark for Ada. We want to find them.
Lars and his 3 wifes

Lars married 3 times, (View the record from his death above), and we know he adopted a boy, but did he ever have any children with any of his wifes?

What happend to Frida?

Laurines sister (Frida Petra Jenny Olsen born Sep 17, 1895) married William Andreas Johannes Nielsen, Warehouse Manager from Sdr Felding born maj 27, 1895. They were in Copenhagen as late as 1922.
When did they marry and did they have children before they divorced?

Ane, who was she?

Laurines mother Ane Olsen born Olsen May 8, 1863. We know her parents names are Inger Laurine born Johansdatter and Ole Hansen. Was reportedly wealthy. But who was she?

We are still searching for more information.
If you can help,
send us an email